Space Beer Cave is playable online

Space Beer Cave is playable online

Space Beer Cave

The crew of your ship are thirsty and it's one of their birthdays or they just want to get drunk or something.

What's with all the questions?

Just navigate your ship through the cave, picking up the beer for extra points. Don't hit the cave walls or the loose rocks.

Pretty simple retro style, side scrolling, endless runner game. 100% free. No ads.

I developed this as a challenge for myself to see if I could build a game in a day from conception to completion. I could, this is the result so don't get your hopes up too high (winky face).

Play it here

A few years ago I built Space Beer Cave as a simple endless sideways scroller game in a day to get to grips with the game framework Phaser.js.

I packaged it up with cocoon.js, released it into the iOS and Play stores and subsequently neglected it. I didn’t renew my Apple developer licence so it’s disappeared from the iOS store and it started crashing on load after an Android update. I never got round to sorting these issues.

I went to ffconf on Friday and it gave me a prang of motivation to make the game available so I picked the project back up yesterday, tidied and improved on it a bit and dumped it up onto an S3 bucket.

I implimented webpack to bundle it all together (no easy feat since Phaser 2.x was not built modularly so it required a bit of Googling and hacking around), added ESlint and Prettier (I’ve been meaning to play with Prettier for some time) and did a bit of minor refactoring and es6+ifying it (read swapping out var for let and const ;)). As the game was originally destined for just mobile devices, I’ve had to also incorporate spacebar triggers to work with click events.

I have another game on the back burner that I started a couple of years ago that I’m intending to pick up. It’s space themed again and the basic premise is shooting alien ships on the opposite side of a cluster of planets using the planets’ gravity to alter the trajectory of your missiles.

Play it here