Artisan in Laravel – Getting Started – How to install a Bundle

I’ve been working with Laravel for a couple of months and have seen Artisan pop up here and there while viewing various docs. I was aware that Artisan is a command line interface for Laravel but had never, until today, come across a situation where I’d have to use it.

I needed to install the feeder bundle to a site I was working on. I could have just downloaded the bundle from GitHub and installed in manually but thought this was an opportune time to get my hands wet with Artisan. I struggled to find any complete beginner docs on how to actually get into Artisan. It turned out to be offensively simple so after a few minutes I’d worked it out:

SSH into your server and navigate to your site’s root directory (via terminal or an SSH client like putty) containing the ‘artisan’ file …

ssh [email protected]
cd /path/to/site

…from there you can access Artisan.

To see a list of available Artisan commands and to check you are in the right place, enter

php artisan help:commands

This will list off the available commands

Now to install your bundle, you need to use the install command, specifying the bundle you wish to install.

php artisan bundle:install bundlename

This will install the bundle and if successful you will get a message like so:

Fetching [bundlename]...done! Bundle installed.
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