I made a mobile game!! Introducing Space Beer Cave

Space Beer Cave

I’m very late posting about this and any readers of my blog (mainly those who I am regularly connected with) will likely already be aware, but I made a game!

In my day job, I’ve been working extensively with the Phaser framework to build a mobile slot game. With my new found knowledge aquired through the game, I wanted to see if it was possible to make a game for Android and iOS in a day. It turns out I could (mostly).

I had a very basic concept for the game. I wanted base the game around mechanics of Flappy Bird ie a basic 1 tap control. This is a proven format for simplicity and enjoyment. I also wanted a retro 8-bit feel with a sci-fi theme. Being a fan of sideways scrollers (and beer) the idea of Space Beer Cave was born.

I started the development of the game on a Sunday, with the laptop on my knees at around 10am in bed, moving to my dining table around lunchtime to continue.

Long story short, after about 10hrs of development (though I’d guess about 40% of this time was spent sourcing and creating the graphics and sound effects) my game was complete and running how I wanted it in my browser and device simulators. Which just left the unknown task of getting it wrapped as an app.

Phaser’s forums are full of talk of Ludei’s Cocoon.js as a common way of packaging HTML5 games and apps into Android and iOS compatible apps so, the following weekend, I set about to make my game an Android app. Though a relatively simple process (and I’m still not exactly sure how I manage to achieve it with SSLing, Zip Aligning and other steps) it took me about 6hrs before I had a .pkg that I could submit to the Play Store. You can download the game to your Android device here.

I’m still to package the game for iOS so iPhone and iPad users will have to wait a while (my excuse at the time was that there wasn’t enough space on my MBA’s 128Gb SSD, though since resetting the machine, I no longer have that excuse).

Performance isn’t as great as I would like it to be. The main culprit for this is the physics applied to the ceiling and floor of the cave. Each of the individual blocks has physics applied to them, where I could get away with just the outer blocks. This is a lot of extra and unnecessary calculating that needs to be done on every update cycle. I will get round to sorting that at some stage 😉

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