Space Beer Cave is now available on iOS devices

Space Beer Cave

A few months back, I released my mobile game “Space Beer Cave” into the Google Play Store. I had full intention of following this immediately with an iOS release, but running a 128Gb Macbook Air with no space left on the SSD prevented me from installing the behemoth that is Xcode.

It took about 6 months, but I finally pulled my finger out and cleared some space from my drive and it is now in the App Store. It’s completely free with no ads or catches. You can download it here.

The game was built in a day using the Phaser.js framework and all packaged up with cocoon.js. I use Phaser quite heavily in my day job and absolutely love it for how easy it is to quickly put together something cool.

Now Space Beer Cave is in the bag, I’m currently working on another mobile game, tentatively titled “Space Bookah”. It uses spot gravity and orbital mechanics (to try and sound fancy). The tricky game mechanics are in place and I now just need to flesh it out and create all the levels and story. This is going to be a┬ámore complex game than Space Beer Cave so will be a much lengthier process to get the game out around my full time job, social life and training.

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